Outfitting children and different horses can be expensive, especially when both are growing and changing. Purchasing used tack, and selling what no longer works can make all the difference in a tight family budget. Stop by, call or e-mail to find out what is currently in the store on consignment.

Let’s discuss consigning your used tack that is still in good usable condition. In consignment you’ll get 80% of the sales price agreed upon.

I currently have both Western and English saddlesm in both adult and youth sizes. I have a covered riding arena, so that ALL items new or used can be fit to your horse.

I also have a number of smaller items, halters, reins, even boots and clothing. I try to keep a current list of consigned items on my facebook page.

Too'Shay Tack

Business hours:
Monday - Friday 2-6 pm
Saturday 10 am - 1pm

Other times by appointment, just give me a call! My house is only 1/2 block from the store. I am HAPPY to open the store at other times!
Cell Phone: 605.695.O812