Myler Bit Rental Program

You can try before you buy!
When you are looking for just the right bit for you and your horse, you may need to try several bits to determine the best one. Too’Shay Tack offers the Myler Bits Rental Program which allows you the convenience of renting a bit of your choice for a nominal fee. Prior to renting a bit, you will want to work with Kysa to determine what bits should work with your horse

Be prepared to answer the following questions:
How old is your horse?
What are you doing with your horse?
What are the issues, if any, you have with your horse?
Is your horse resistant?
What bits have you used previously on your horse, and how did the horse respond?

Additionally, you may want to consider reading the Myler’s book, The Level Best for your Horse or the Video, the Level Best for Your horse, to learn more before you select bits to try. Both the book and the video are available to borrow or buy at Too’Shay Tack.

How to test a bit:
Once you select a bit to try, be patient with your horse. Take it slow and give your horse plenty of time to get used to the bit. The Mylers advocate five to ten rides when trying a new bit. If you’ve found success with a bit, then you can feel confident in your purchase. Didn’t work out? Then confer with Kysa to help you select another appropriate bit.

As the Mylers will tell you, sometimes it takes a few bits to determine exactly what the horse is asking for. So, before you buy, give Myler Bits a try. Renting bits will give you the confidence you want and the comfort your horse needs.

How the bit rental works.
Select a bit. Bit rental is $1 per day for up to 10 days. Any and all money spent on bit rental applies to the price of any bit purchased. Or, if you don’t purchase a bit at all, bit rental can be used to toward the purchase of any item in the store. Leave a check or credit card information at the store. If you like the bit, simply tell me and I will complete the payment. Or return the bit for exchange to try a different one, or simply bring it back. The goal is comfort for both you and your horse, and a system the gives clear signals between the two of you.
I do bit rental on every brand of bits in the store, not just Mylers, and we can do this long distance. You will have to pay shipping, but you do not have BUY a bit.

And lastly, please rest assured that all bits are properly sanitized between rentals.


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